Customer training, seminars and workshops

Prepare yourself for routine procedures as well as emergency and extreme situations! In our courses, we simulate the necessary steps under realistic conditions. This is the only way to be able to quickly and correctly reproduce procedures and sequences under stress. We are also happy to adapt exercise scenarios individually to your needs. All our courses have one goal: giving you confidence in doing the right thing in an emergency.

Free release measurement of containers and narrow spaces

according to DGUV principle 313-002

Participants will acquire the necessary knowledge for the selection, use and handling of devices for direct detection and direct concentration measurement of toxic as well as flammable gases and vapors. You will gain the necessary technical knowledge to be commissioned by a contractor to do the free release measurement of containers and narrow spaces.

The seminar is intended for persons who are entrusted with measurement tasks for the protection of persons and facilities. Managers, specialists and employees who are charged with the free release measurement of containers and narrow spaces according to DGUV principle 313-002.


Fighting incipient fires

Conduct in case of danger

The participants will acquire the necessary knowledge to fight incipient fires using standard hand-held fire extinguishers. Thus, valuable time until the arrival of professional forces can be used for damage control.

Employees of companies that take measures of preventive fire protection – be it in industry, trade, hotel trade or in an office environment.

CSE Training

Working in confined spaces and containers

Basic knowledge about dangers and protective measures when driving into containers and narrow spaces is acquired, rescue techniques are taught in theory and practice with different rescue scenarios.

Employees who enter containers, enclosed and narrow spaces as well as silo facilities, canals or shafts and carry out work there.

More seminars and workshops we offer:

  • Chainsaw license A1
  • Hazardous substances - correct protective gear, suitable non-woven fabrics and storage of hazardous substances
  • Cooperation with TÜV Nord (Technical Inspection Association)-Akademie
  • Occupational safety-special with market innovations
  • Please contact us for seminars or Akademie trainings if required.

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