For easy repairs, services and maintenance

Our comprehensive services also include the LHG service box. It enables you to conveniently carry out repairs, maintenance and inspection of your equipment.

We offer our service box in the following versions:

  • Small box: 40x60 cm (max. 31 kg)
  • Large box: 80x120 cm (max. 1 t)

Your service box in just 4 easy steps:

  1. You order a service box from us – we will send you a suitable size free of charge and arrange for pick-up.
  2. You fill the box with faulty equipment or equipment to be tested.
  3. We check the equipment, repair after your approval of costs or test according to agreement.
  4. You receive the box back with your equipment tested and operational.

You will find even more interesting information in the LHG Service world.
Browse further or just download the PDF. (This leaflet is currently only available in German).

LHG service box – much more than just a toolbox:

  • Grinding and sharpening service for drills and saw blades
  • Calibration service for measuring equipment
  • Maintenance and inspection of gas measuring and warning devices, as well as full face masks and blower respiratory protection
  • Testing services for electrical appliances and machines (electrical check)
  • Maintenance and testing of PPE against falls from a height
  • STIHL service
  • and many more!

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Our product range is tailored to your needs: Protective work wear from head to toe, tools of all kinds, power tools and machinery, cutting and sanding tools, storage and operating equipment, fastening technology, workshop supplies and sealants, ladders and scaffolding, soldering and welding supplies and much more.

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Nationwide services for emergency power systems and emergency power engineering, inspections of all brands, mobile and stationary rental park as well as suppliers of lighting columns and load resistors. Suitable systems e.g. for construction sites, major events, industrial sites and much more.