An overview of our products

Protective work apparel

Respiratory protection, eye protection, work apparel, electricians' shoes, hearing protection, gloves, skin protection, capsule ear protection, particle protection masks, protective goggles, safety helmets, welding shoes, safety footwear, safety equipment

Operating equipment

Workstation systems, work chairs, floor coverings, containers, footrests, equipment boxes, lifting and gripping technology, small parts storage, presentation boards, shelves, lockers, fixed ladders, chairs, tables, workbenches, workshop lights, workshop trolleys

Electronic tools

Battery operated lights, cordless screwdrivers, construction machinery, construction site radios, drilling machines, compressed air technology, milling machines, heating machines, wood splitters, core drilling machines, dehumidifiers, magnetic core drills, motoristics, polishers, ratchets, cleaning technology, agitators, saws, impact drills, impact wrenches, sanding machines, drywall screwdrivers

Hand tools

Pullers, scribers, construction hammers, bits, torque tools, drifters, stainless steel bits, insertion tools, sledgehammers, hand saws, workbenches, power screwdriver tools, chisels, measuring equipment, tire irons, nail irons, normal sheet metal scissors, combination wrenches, scissors, spanners, screwdrivers, caulking tools, tool holders, tool boxes, pliers


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Oxy welding, pressure reducers, electric soldering, electric welding equipment, brazing, solder and accessories, propene, hoses and couplings, welding wire, welding, welding stands and electrodes, welding consumables

Measurement technology

Indicators, height measuring and marking devices, gauges, rulers, measuring inserts, measuring plates, calipers, micrometers, measuring screws, measuring stands, dial indicators, measuring tools, drawing tools, concentricity testers, stopwatches, universal probes, angles


Diesel pest cleaning, lighting tower systems, emergency power supply, emergency call service, emergency power, power generators, generators, UPS


Drill chucks, lathe tips, magnetic chucks, machine vices, vices, clamps, clamping elements, clamping systems, tool holders

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Our product range is tailored to your needs: Protective work wear from head to toe, tools of all kinds, power tools and machinery, cutting and sanding tools, storage and operating equipment, fastening technology, workshop supplies and sealants, ladders and scaffolding, soldering and welding supplies and much more.


Drills, drill bits, diamond discs, diamond cup wheels, flap discs, tile drills, straight grinders, wood drills, chisels, abrasive belts, cup wheels, roughing wheels, stone drills, discs for angle grinders

Connection technology

DIN and standard parts, axle brackets, blind rivet technology, hooks, wood connectors, cable lugs, clamps, machine screws, nuts, nail devices, rivets, feather keys, pipe fixing and assembly systems, heavy-duty fixings, pins, decorative caps

Workshop supplies

Construction chemistry, sealants, automotive chemistry, greases, grease presses, foils, adhesive tapes, adhesives, coolants, coolant hoses, solvents, cleaning agents, cutting oils, welding and testing agents


Drilling, turning, milling, thread cutting, knurling, reaming, countersinking, tipped drilling tools, tipped milling tools

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