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... is what we’re providing for you. This includes a wide range of after-sales services and support. We also create customized joint concepts for the regular inspection of all your service-relevant articles.

Our competent, experienced and responsible staff check your equipment according to current rules and regulations of technology. In order to accomplish this, we have the most modern testing facilities and test stations at our disposal. With our resources, we serve the entire LHG region. Just contact us for more information.

  • Cataloguing of your testable equipment and creation of a corresponding database
  • Standardization of test cycles
  • Creation of a schedule - we contact you before test cycles are due
  • On-site testing services as contracted
  • Provision of exchange, rental or replacement equipment of selected items
  • Profitability calculation for repair or new purchase

Testing services

The inspection of equipment, PPE and the calibration of measuring equipment not only serves to increase the safety of your employees and your quality, it is also required by law.

Operational safety

PSA | Sicherheit im Betrieb

Whether it’s about your personal protective equipment (PPE) or legal thresholds at the workplace ─ with our advice, you will achieve legal security and receive sophisticated safety concepts.

Repairs and maintenance

For us, repairs, maintenance and spare parts sales are the basis for a reliable and successful cooperation ─ for all machines and devices.

Rental machines

What if one of your devices breaks down and you urgently need a replacement? Often, buying a new machine may not be cost-effective where a quick and reliable rental is.

Mobile power supply

Whether it is a matter of selling, renting or professionally managed troubleshooting: Our team Mobil-Strom see themselves as problem solvers.

Digital Services

Graphische Darstellung der digitalen Dienstleistungen

Our competencies span the scope of procurement management of C-parts, our procurement platform, software for work safety processes and dispensing systems.

our catalogues for your needs

Our product range is tailored to your needs: Protective work wear from head to toe, tools of all kinds, power tools and machinery, cutting and sanding tools, storage and operating equipment, fastening technology, workshop supplies and sealants, ladders and scaffolding, soldering and welding supplies and much more.

Calibration service for measuring equipment

We offer the additional calibration of measuring equipment when you purchase a new measuring tool, or we take care of your existing measuring tools.

Orthopedic shoe fittings

A pain felt in the foot may occur due to problems elsewhere in the body. The foot is connected to the entire body via nerve tracts, so a slipped disc, for example, can lead to pain there.

Service shelf plus6

In order to reduce costs and order processing times, today, many companies rely on the supply of C-parts from a single source.

Sharpening and grinding service

Optimal advice to ensure perfect results ─ machine selection, cutting tools and individual equipment are always the focus of our work on-site.

Services around work apparel

Our services around work apparel include a laundry and logistics service, the testing of reflective strips and the application of graphics and logos on textiles.

LHG-Service box

Our comprehensive services also include the LHG-service box. It enables you to carry out repairs, maintenance and inspection of your equipment in an uncomplicated manner.

Trainings / courses / workshops

Be well-prepared for routine procedures as well as emergency and extreme situations. In our trainings, we simulate necessary work steps under realistic conditions for you.

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our service world

Our brochure presents our integrated procurement concepts, comprehensive testing services, emergency power technology and generating units as well as our PPE expert adviser.

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