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Our rental park provides you with electricity and light for all your needs ─whether for long-term rental or over the weekend, for construction sites, events or in an emergency as a quick backup-solution. We offer:

  • portable power generators
  • low-noise power generators
  • light poles with power generator up to 10 m height,
  • mobile and stationary solutions
  • twin packpower generators up to 1,400 kVA
  • redundant standby units up to 700 kVA with automatic emergency power supply

Various accessories:

  • cables, additional tanks
  • power distributors
  • load resistors
  • car / truck - frames
  • load bench 600 kW, mobile with car or truck coupling

Our services for you:

  • trade, individual production and service of power generators according to TA-Luft, TA-Lärm and Water Resources Act (§ 19 WHG)
  • planning and configuration of emergency power systems according to customer requirements
  • planning and implementation of special solutions
  • rental park of emergency power supply systems, lighting poles and load resistors
  • lighting poles up to 10 m height, mobile or stationary

More services at a glance

  • emergency service: we are available for you ─ all day every day
  • our twin pack of 700 kVA each is safety in a double pack for you
  • inspection of all brands
  • inspection service according to UVV/ DGUV 203-032
  • diesel conditioning and tank flushing
  • check-ups with mobile load resistor
  • repairs, conversions and commissioning
  • Financing available on request

You will find even more information in the LHG-Servicewelt. Browse further or download as PDF. Currently only available in German.


24-hour emergency service

Simply call +49 172 40 300 63

mobile power supply

Nationwide services for emergency power systems and emergency power engineering, inspections of all brands, mobile and stationary rental park as well as suppliers of lighting columns and load resistors. Suitable systems e.g. for construction sites, major events, industrial sites and much more.

(available only in German)

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